Destinations Destination Spotlight

The Destination Spotlight is designed to give an overview of selected countries where we have discovered unique and unusual opportunities for incentive groups. In these countries we have uncovered features not often incorporated into incentive programs. In each country we sought out quality suppliers, established relationships, and certified their professional ability to handle incentive groups.

Please select below the country which you would like to explore in greater detail.

Argentina Spotlight

When Argentina is mentioned many images come to mind, its many natural wonders, the gaucho, the sultry tango and the musical Evita. Argentina is a beautiful, romantic country with an interesting and colorful history.


Aruba Spotlight

The Caribbean island nation of Aruba is a small jewel in the aquamarine sea that surrounds the islands of the Caribbean. It is 30km (19.6 miles) long and 9km (6 miles) across at its widest point.


Costa Rica Spotlight
  Costa Rica

Costa Rica is Central America's jewel, from its white sand beaches and lush rainforests to rugged mountains and fiery volcanoes. This tiny country is also home to a myriad of wildlife such as tree-climbing iguanas, playful monkeys, dolphins, manatees and the beautiful scarlet macaw.


Italy Spotlight

European civilization and culture were born in Italy. The magnificence that Caesar and Augustus built still stands to be admired by all generations. Old traditions reside side-by-side with Italy's cutting edge trends and fashions. This blending is highly visible in the lifestyle of their inhabitants.


Mexico Spotlight

From the bustling metropolis of Mexico City to the small town of La Antigua near Veracruz to the remote jungles near Chetumal and to the pristine beaches of Los Cabos, Mexico is a country alive with possibility. One of the world's most biologically diverse nations, Mexico harbors over two-thirds of the planet's animal and plant species. Rediscover the myriad of beauty and culture that Mexico has to offer.


Northern California Spotlight
   Northern   California

Northern California is all you can imagine... and much more. With a geographic size approximately equal to France, it offers a rich mix of cultures, climates, natural resources, and landscapes. From the lush vineyards of Napa/Sonoma to the historic mining towns of the Gold Country to the grandeur of Yosemite to the majesty of Lake Tahoe to the dramatic coastline of Carmel/Monterey.



Panama Spotlight

While most people instantly associate Panama with its famous canal, Panama is a country where the concept of exotic begins with its name, which means "abundance of fish and butterflies" in their indigenous language. Panama respects its seven distinct indigenous people who to this day live much as their ancestors did, preserving their culture and way of life.



Peru Spotlight

Peru is a prime tourist destination that needs almost no presentation: fascinating history, natural beauty and friendly people. It has much to offer, the diversity of its landscape goes from the deserts of the coast, sprinkled by beautiful valleys and excellent beaches, passing by the wild jungle to green mountains with its incredible snow capped peaks and craddle of the Inca Empire. The Incas are best remembered as they formed the greatest empire on the continent. The ruins of many of the civilizations developed in Peru can be visited as well as the mysterious Inca cities, such as Machu Picchu.


Russia Spotlight

Russia is a country teeming with history and natural beauty. Russia is the largest country in the world, boasting two major metropolitan jewels, Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as scores of smaller cities, towns, and villages that reflect the unique culture of this country that spans two continents.