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Costa Rica is one of the most delightful countries in the world. Its scenic heritage includes a rugged Pacific Coast, a tropical Caribbean Coast, majestic rainforests, white sand beaches, and nine active volcanoes. The climate is tropical with an average annual temperature between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit (22-30 Celsius). Its dry season is generally from December to April.Costa Rica

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Costa Rica also has an enlightened approach to conservation: 27% of the country is protected and over 11% is within the national park system. Even though it is a small country with only 19,720 square miles (51,060 square km or two-thirds the size of Scotland), it has several regions which offer a great diversity of landscapes and activities.

Why take an incentive group to Costa Rica?


Recreation & Sports

Whether your preference is for the thrill of bungee jumping, viewing wildlife in a rainforest as you traverse the treetops with a cable and harness, or some other exotic activity, you will find it in Costa Rica. While enjoying your favorite sport or outdoor activity you can also experience howler monkeys, the chattering of dozens of tropical birds, and unparalleled scenery.

Costa Rica has something for everyone:





From the museums of cosmopolitan San José to the mysterious Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica can provide a myriad of relaxing activities.


Whether you choose to explore nature during a walk in a cloud forest or a visit to a pre-Colombian archeological site, there are professional guides available to explain the amazing diversity of the flora and fauna. When complete relaxation is desired, you may choose to take an aerial tram through a rainforest or visit Tabacón Hot Springs, a natural, open-air hot springs, with waterfalls, pools, and chutes all fed by Arenal Volcano, which you can hear rumbling nearby.


General Information



The range of accommodations varies greatly from luxurious hotels and all-inclusive resorts, to unique inns, cabins, and wilderness lodges. There are also small, distinctive, luxury eco-hotels perched onto the hillside within the rain forest where private balconies overlook the spectacular jungle and the deep blue ocean below. As the sun sets, gourmet cuisine in a quaint restaurant will complement the splendor of nature. Eco-hotels utilize solar energy, water conservation and recycling, as well as food composting. Additionally, few, if any trees, are removed during construction.


The dry season, or verano (summer), is from late December to April. Invierno (winter) lasts the rest of the year and tends to be wet. The high temperature range is from 70-90 Fahrenheit (22-30 Celsius).


Direct-dial telephone service, facsimile, telex, radio, and cable television are all available. Most major hotels also have Internet access, and some have business centers for guest usage. Bilingual operators are available for international calls.

Ecology & Environment


Costa Rica has the best-developed conservation system in Latin America.

About 27% of the country is designated as protected Conservation Areas and over 11% is within the National Park system. The rest of the protected land is privately owned with many of the private reserves open to the public. Costa Rica boasts over 850 varieties of birds and over 200 varieties of mammals. Throughout the country one can spot macaws, monkeys, armadillos, iguanas, dolphins and even the endangered manatee.


110V at 60 Hz

Food & Beverage

Food is good, and tends to be more savory than spicy. Common elements include rice, beans, plantains, beef and chicken. Restaurants serve a variety of foods including French, Italian, Mexican, North American and Chinese.


Costa Rica is a democratically elected republic, with elections every four years. Additionally, it has the most stable political climate in Central America and abolished its armed forces in 1948.


Jan 1 New Year's Day
Apr 11 Anniversary of the Battle of Rivas
Apr Holy Thursday and Good Friday
May 1 Labor Day
Jul 25 Guanacaste Annexation
Aug 2 Our Lady of the Angels
Aug 15 Mother's Day
Sep 15 Independence Day
Nov 2 All Soul's Day
Dec 25 Christmas Day



Spanish is the official language, although English is widely spoken, and also some French, German, and Italian.


The unit of currency is the Costa Rican Colón.


San José offers modest entertainment in the form of cinemas, theaters and nightclubs, but most other locations offer relatively few nighttime diversions.

Passports & Visas

To enter Costa Rica, citizens of other countries need a passport. In addition, visas are required for citizens of some countries.


Special Events

The following is just a selection of yearly special events.

December-January Fiestas del Fin del Año (week-long festivities)
February-March Orchid Show, Cartago
March (middle) Dia del Boyero (Day of the Oxcart Drivers), San Antonio de Escazú
March (middle) National Craft Fair, San José
July-August Green Turtles' nesting season in Tortuguero Nat'l Park
August Arrival of Pilgrims, Cartago
October Carnival Week, Puerto Limón
November-February Leather-Back Turtles' nesting in Tamarindo (Pacific Coast)
December Arts Festival



Costa Rica is six hours behind GMT, and does not observe daylight savings time.




Costa Rica is located in the tropics and is bordered to the north by Nicaragua, to the south by Panama, to the West by the Pacific Ocean and to the East by the Atlantic Ocean. There is a series of volcanic mountain chains, which runs from the northwest border to the southeast border, splitting the country into two regions. In the center of these ranges is a Central Valley or high-altitude plain, with coastal lowlands on either side. Over half of the population lives on this plain, with San José, the Capital, as the main city.

Travel into Costa Rica and within the country


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Above photos are courtesy of ICT (Instituto Costarricense de Turismo).