World Incentive Nexus - Seminar Overview

Jim Skiba, CMP, CIS, CTA has had extensive experience teaching various seminars and workshops throughout the world for professional associations such as Meeting Professionals International and Society of Incentive & Travel Executives as well as many corporations.

Following is a short summary of current topics. Seminars are designed to build upon the knowledge from the previous session.

Seminar 1: The Best is Almost Good Enough is a seminar, which points out the various types of clients that may travel to another city: the tourist, the affinity group, the meeting and incentive clients. A comparison of the markets and the number of people that come from various segments will be presented. There will be greater focus on meetings and incentives, which account for over $90 Billion per year in the USA. (Designed for all levels of suppliers)

Seminar 2: Incentive Program Basics is an introductory course, which defines incentive travel, gives a brief history of incentive travel, explains the advantages of travel versus merchandise, and teaches the basic format for running an incentive program. This class also starts to teach the particular needs for incentive clients and highlights the value of holding meetings or incentives in other countries. (Designed for all levels of suppliers and planners)

Seminar 3: Quality Control & Ecology is a workshop, which starts to highlight and analyze some of the criteria, which may be used to examine the potential for using resources more carefully in the implementation of a meeting or an incentive program. (Designed for suppliers and planners who have had Seminar 1, 2)

Seminar 4: The Purposes and Benefits of Meetings and Incentives is a seminar, which highlights the value of holding meetings in other countries. It also incorporates some of the topics, which are needed in planning these programs. Some attention is given to the future trends in the meeting industry. (Designed for suppliers and planners who have had Seminar 1, 2, 3)

Seminar 5: Incentive Program Case Studies is an intermediate course, which builds upon Seminar 1, giving several examples of incentive program elements. A brainstorming element is included in this workshop to give attendees the opportunity to start to creating concrete programs or to understand how companies make decisions. (Designed for suppliers and planners who have had Seminar 1, 2, 3, 4)

Seminar 6: Requirements for Marketing Success in the Incentive Arena is a workshop which builds an action plan for suppliers to determine the various steps they will need to take in order to be prepared to design proposals, gain business, and run successful incentive programs. (Designed for Intermediate and Advanced Marketing staff from Hotels and Destination Management Companies who have had Seminar 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)